Interview: Wale Vs. Culture VI

Wale talks to Culture VI about his new found “cockiness”, his two albums and his marriage with Maybach Music.

I’m a Wale enthusiast, I want Wale to win but I’m a blogger also thus making me an A&R of World records. I strongly disagree with Wale’s distortion and generalization when it comes to “nigga’s with the computers”. I listen and heard the intricate lyrics he was rapping in Self Made Vol.1. I thought Self Made showed he remained true to himself, his talent and broadened his fan base. I didn’t understand the signing with Ross at first but when I saw that Wale was still able to be Wale, I recognized the opportunity he took and rejoiced in it. He is right, his microphone is bigger now. How can anyone blame him for that? Oh yea, we all threw stones at LeBron didn’t we?

I know I’ll be crucified for this but doesn’t this remind you of a ‘Pac interview?

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