Mighta Missed Monday: ‘The Great Debater’ – Skyzoo

Last month Skyzoo released ‘The Great Debater’ to a plethora of hype. Tuesday’s are big musical release days so you might have overlooked this gem. Skyzoo is a lyricist and you get all you came for on his latest effort. Not one party record or an ode to ladies just witty lyrics done better than 99.9% of rappers out now. Mr. Tyler does work, good work, so I offer you his work just in case you missed it. One week is an eternity in this internet age so you can imagine how a month feels. Enjoy this generation’s Cosby Show.

Jay-Z: “I got wannabe’s that wanna be me that sound better than you” — in reference to Skyzoo’s appearance on MTV’s Wannabe

After the jump is ‘The Great Debater’ tracklist, 2 visuals from ‘The Great Debater’ and an epk explaining Skyzoo’s mixtape.

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