“Gangstaz Only” – L.E.P. Bogus Boys & Mobb Deep

Although this isn’t for me it may be for you. See I’m no gangsta but you may very well be. I like the L.E.P. Bogus Boys and Mobb Deep is cool. Count bodies the first verse over Frank Dukes dark instrumental. Enjoy this track even if you aren’t a gangsta. I won’t tell, that’s the extent of my gangsta.

Shouts to FakeShoreDrive

Now or Neva – TBD

Video: Tesla Roadster 2.5

This is probably the most complete road test I’ve ever seen. It covers everything from 0-60 (3.7 seconds) to the much overlooked 40-80 factor. You can also go see the Tesla in stop and go traffic. With a $108,000 (but a $7,500 tax credit) price tag and a top speed of 125 you may not think this Tesla isn’t worth the coin but the joy of driving, as indicated in the video, is worth it. Too bad we can’t join an Exotic Car Club to drive this beauty, this youtube test drive might be the closest we get to this Tesla.

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Mighta Missed Monday: ‘The Great Debater’ – Skyzoo

Last month Skyzoo released ‘The Great Debater’ to a plethora of hype. Tuesday’s are big musical release days so you might have overlooked this gem. Skyzoo is a lyricist and you get all you came for on his latest effort. Not one party record or an ode to ladies just witty lyrics done better than 99.9% of rappers out now. Mr. Tyler does work, good work, so I offer you his work just in case you missed it. One week is an eternity in this internet age so you can imagine how a month feels. Enjoy this generation’s Cosby Show.

Jay-Z: “I got wannabe’s that wanna be me that sound better than you” — in reference to Skyzoo’s appearance on MTV’s Wannabe

After the jump is ‘The Great Debater’ tracklist, 2 visuals from ‘The Great Debater’ and an epk explaining Skyzoo’s mixtape. Read the rest of this entry »

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Mixtape: ‘Coloring Outside The Lines’ – Legit

19-year old rapper Legit finishes off his mixtape “Coloring Outside The Lines” and unleashes on the internets. For a 19-year old Legit has an extensive vocabulary and that compliments his vivid conceptual raps. I couldn’t place his accent but I think he’s either from Chicago or D.C. The region he represents is of no concern because he speaks for a younger generation that lives on facebook, twitter and now Google+. Download the mixtape and lend an ear to an up-start rapper. These aren’t Hammer raps but he’s too legit to quit. Was that a stretch? Sorry *Kanye Shrug*

Coloring Outside The Lines

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