Trailer: The Devil’s Double

I’m not a big movie person. In fact I can count on one hand how many times I’ve been to the movie theater in the last 4 years. I’m not a movie buff by any stretch of the imagination and can think of at least 480 things I’d rather do for 2 hours instead of watch a movie. With that being said I think I’ll make ‘The Devil’s Double’ my fifth time to the movies in as many years. I was captivated by HBO’s miniseries ‘The House of Saddam’ and ‘The Devil’s Double’ looks like another captivating tale of the Iraqi Dynasty. Saddam was portrayed as nothing short of evil but Uday was rumored to be worse than his father. If I don’t get passed off a early screening to see this I’ll be paying the senior rate to be entertained with an exaggeration of the truth. Isn’t that what “based on a true story” means? Oh, you didn’t think I was going to pay full price do you? Nah. I hit up the kiosk baby! Those minors that tear tickets never look to see if you paid full price.

The Devil’s Double – 7.29.2011

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“Let It Burn (Fuck Yo Life)” – Vado

Vado comes off his mini-hiatus and blesses the internets with the streetrunner produced “Let it Burn”. “Fuck Yo Life” is a little harsh but so are the lyrics which compliment Vado’s aggressive tone. This is far from the blunder he released days after it was confirmed he signed with Interscope. Yea, it’s evident the streets motivated this track.

Boss of All Bosses 3 – Coming Soon

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