Mighta Missed Monday: Rolex Watches

Inspired by: “Time is money so I went and bought a Rolex”

Back in the day Rolex watches were a bit of a luxury. In the 80′s Rolex watches were a status symbol among drug dealers, rappers and athletes, which in turn set Rolex as a status symbol among the black community. I don’t know exactly when the black community turned away from Rolex or why but it seems like we’ve come back. Big Sean, J.Cole and most notably Wiz Khalifa have been seen sporting Rolex watches recently which means soon you will see a plethora of counterfeits on your local high school and college campuses. Here is a look inside watching making; see what sets Rolex apart. You must want to know why you’re going to spend $18,000 on a presidential watch, don’t you?

In other news check out what I have in store for Wednesday’s!

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