‘Any Given Sunday’ #1 – J.Cole

J.Cole releases ‘Any Given Sunday’ #1, a five track teaser for his up coming album ‘Cole World: A Sideline Story’. The title indicates that we can look forward to tracks from Cole on random Sundays. For the people that think J.Cole is the ying to Drake’s yang, the timing–right off the heels of “Headlines”–is perfect.

‘Any Given Sunday’

Cole World: A Sideline Story – 9.27.11

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“Headlines” – Drake

Young Money and Drake finally let loose their official first single from ‘Take Care’, “Headlines”. I’m sure not many people are going to think this is first single worthy just like his last effort but guess what? He did 466k his first weeks so Baby & dem making the right decisions. That’s why he drives a red Exelero and we’re all still A&R’s for the World Record Label.

Take Care – 10.24.11

Shout to The Supreme Team

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Video: “Da Bag” – L.E.P. Bogus Boys

The L.E.P. Bogus Boys shot a new video for an old song, “Da Bag”. If you are a Bogus Boys fan you realize that they aren’t wasting material they put out before. They’re letting everyone hear what they once did so you can appreciate what is coming up next for them. The other side to that coin are the fans that have already heard this material. The Bogus Boys are going to have to release something soon for the core fans though. I think a visual for “Gangstaz Only” is being edited now so seems like they know what they’re doing.

R.I.P. to Larry “Pacman” Johnson, the Max B of the click.

Now or Neva – Coming Soon

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Throwback Thursday: “Get Out My Way”- Cormega

“Get Out My Way” was a single off of Cormega’s ‘The Realness’ and was produced by Sha Money XL. The track comes off as a diss track to Nas, matter of fact a majority of the material on ‘The Realness’ came off as Nas disses. “American Beauty” ,the Cormega produced track, was the stand out but conceptually like Common’s “H.E.R.”. I’m not usually into the 90′s Queensbridge rap but ‘The Realness’ impressed me. I don’t know why Def Jam shelved Cormega’s initial project but I presume if it was anything like ‘The Realness’ it was a bad choice. Well with a lack of a “party record” I guess it was a good call. It wouldn’t have gotten the spins and if Mega wouldn’t bend on the artistry then it was a good decision. I guess it just depends on how you look at the situation.

The Realness

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‘Nerd’s Eye 2′ – Erk Tha Jerk

The Bay Area’s Ambassador, Erk Tha Jerk, releases his much anticipated album ‘Nerd’s Eye 2′ in conjunction with 2dopeboyz.com. Erk’s cool and I think he might have potential to go past the internet scene and make a splash in mainstream. His sound is different yet radio friendly plus he writes and produces most of his projects. Hey Warner, this is an opportunity to see the game from a different angle–again. Download the album with the tracklisting after the jump.

Nerd’s Eye 2

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“The Weeknd Love Triangle” – Melo X

What first started out as one of MeLo’s signature “GodMix’s” has transformed into a love triangle with none other than the most exotic goddess Sade. Through a rhythmically driven sound scape MeLo creates a meeting point between The Weeknd’s “What you Need” and Drake’s “Marvins Room”. This piece of art was inspired by an array of beautiful eclectic women during a late night studio session in an attic style Berlin apartment. Press play and let the music tell the rest of the story.

Tried to get an mp3 version of this mash up but that attempt was unfruitful. Enjoy one of Melo X’s eclectic artistic conceptualizations.

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Interview: Kreayshawn & Power 105 Breakfast Club

See how Kreayshawn is distancing herself from V-Nasty? The n-word shouldn’t be used. We can’t let it get away. That’s all I have to say about that–for now.

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Mixtape: ‘The Diagnosis’ – Pill

DJ Scream, Pill,& Maybach Music in conjunction with Livemixtapes release Pill’s latest mixtape, ‘The Diagnosis’. Maybach is having a hell of a summer and plan pushing well into the fall. Other than YMCMB, what rap click is bigger than them? BTW YMCMB’s weight is in name only not numbers wise. Other than Khaled nothing has moved out of that camp since Nicki’s ‘Pink Friday’. Salute The Untouchable Maybach Music. Oh yea, Ricky’s signed a new artist.

‘The Diagnosis’

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“Magic” – Erk Tha Jerk

2dopeboyz & RPMG leak “Magic” from Erk Tha Jerk’s ‘Nerd Eye View 2′. Erk is the new voice coming from The Bay and it seems everyone is respecting that. It isn’t astonishing that whomever is being themselves is “getting on”. Think about it, if you’re the next Drake why would Universal sign you? He is already on the roster. There is no need for you.

Nerd Eye View 2 – Coming Soon

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“Otis” – Jay-Z feat. Kanye West

I don’t have anything to say about this. Maybe you should leave a comment and tell me what you think about this. Will this save record sales?

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