Debate: What’s going on with J.Cole’s Career

I watched the whole debate and I agree with some of the points they made but I also think they were are looking at the J.Cole situation from the wrong angle. I think the whole point of the “Work Out” record was to show Simba (that’s J.Cole) can make pop records that can float on billboards. You all agreed that if it was a Soulja Boy track you’d have been impressed. The target audience doesn’t know J.Cole’s greatness so the LeBron factor doesn’t really have any bearing on what RocNation was trying to accomplish with that record. I do agree that “Work Out” should have been put out different though. If RocNation is trying something different then they can’t use the same marketing plan that has been working for them. I think the tour with Rihanna and his Adidas spot was an effort to reach outside of the internet rap fan.

As far as him releasing the record via twitter I think the marketing team is going with what has been successful for J.Cole thus far. ‘Friday Night Lights’ was released via twitter and was very successful. I think maybe, and this is just a thought, but maybe they’re looking at Nas’ Illmatic marketing scheme and emulating that. Big-big hip hop head buzz that allowed the greatness of Nas to shine. (We all know J.Cole is great) Also remember the album is slated for a September release date so they have time to get it right.

Nothing’s wrong with J.Cole’s career. He’ll be fine and the anticipation isn’t detouring this fan base. I don’t think he’ll stay one hit away like Bleek. I do agree that his marketing team has to figure out how to sell him better. He’s too good not to excel. Sadly, if they falter with “Cole World” I can see Cole’s career going like Rakim’s. We don’t wanna see that; Dreamvillain is going to have to work that out. I made a funny!

Sidenote: I hope you don’t mind me imposing my opinion.

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