Debate: What’s going on with J.Cole’s Career

I watched the whole debate and I agree with some of the points they made but I also think they were are looking at the J.Cole situation from the wrong angle. I think the whole point of the “Work Out” record was to show Simba (that’s J.Cole) can make pop records that can float on billboards. You all agreed that if it was a Soulja Boy track you’d have been impressed. The target audience doesn’t know J.Cole’s greatness so the LeBron factor doesn’t really have any bearing on what RocNation was trying to accomplish with that record. I do agree that “Work Out” should have been put out different though. If RocNation is trying something different then they can’t use the same marketing plan that has been working for them. I think the tour with Rihanna and his Adidas spot was an effort to reach outside of the internet rap fan.

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“Hol’ Up” – Kendrick Lamar

Kendrick Lamar lets loose of “Hol’ Up” mere days after performing it live in Brooklyn. This seems to the be second single from #Section80, I ain’t mad at it. Have you noticed that there hasn’t been this many good West Coast rappers since … since, well, ever! Granted I’m only talking from my opinion but to me that’s the only opinion that counts. Oh, I wrote this post underground but I was complimented on my nappy hair while I wrote it.

#Section80 – July 2nd

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“Work” – Meek Mill

Rick Ross is a credited with a feature on “Work” but you only hear Ross’ grunt and the occasional ab-lib. I know it’s purpose, to get the Rick Ross fan to listen to Meek Mill, and I like the idea. So much in face I just imagined Juelz Santana song where Jim Jones did all of Santana’s ab-libs. No Jimmy rapping just talking his shit at the tale of Juelz’s bars. Even better I’ll give you an example of that idea working; when P.Diddy was talking shit in “Hate Me Now” or “Muscle Game“. Why didn’t Meek and Ross explore that idea more and bring the ab-lib feature to it’s full potential? Maybe next time around. This time just enjoy Philadelphia’s own Meek Mill.

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