Video: Mercedes SLS AMG Roadster

I like cars. I probably like cars more than I like food. My slender 150 lbs frame can attest to that but all cars don’t make me miss meals. I like really expensive cars that have too much horsepower and a shit load of features nobody is going to use. The Mercedes SLS AMG Roadster falls into that category. I LOVE IT! The equally slender, gull winged luxury car weighs in at a mere 3572 lbs. (The SLR weights 300 lbs more, you understand better when it’s red light to red light) She comes equipped with a 7-speed dual-clutch automated manual transmission, 32 valve V8 engine and a maximum output of 563 horses. She might be a little girl but she’s busty! Accompanied with a zero – 60 time of 3.5 seconds I think we all can agree Mercedes packed in more car than anyone in the United States can drive, but damn if she isn’t pretty. Better have your money in order because a date with this dame is $225,00. With an EPA estimate of 13 mpg she comes ready to eat and washing dishes isn’t an option.


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