“Outlaw” – 50 Cent

I’m sure you’ve seen and heard “Outlaw” other places but you haven’t gotten my take on 50 Cent’s new single. I like it. I like the beat, his flow and the originality. While everyone is going the way of house music, 50 is staying in his lane. Well more going back to his lane. I still haven’t forgiven dude for “Ayo, technology” The only problem I have is that he is not trying to relinquish this “hard” persona.

No I don’t believe the album is coming anytime soon. Other than the buzz that he has to build for a November release 50 is just too busy to record and promote an album at this stage of his life. The music keeps coming because the music is what makes him commercially relevant. Everyone knows his checks from other places are bigger…we do know that right?

After the break I have a open letter to 50. Read if you must.

Dear 50 Cent,

Hey Curtis, It’s Hymn, from Pardonmeduke.com. I know the stigma with bloggers and trying to be A&R’s so you might be skeptical about my opinion but this comes from a place of love. I’m a big fan and I want to see you succeed. Yea, I know you have succeeded already and I was a part of that success. I know the plateau you’ve reached with no help from anyone. I just think you need some outside help this time around. It seemed as if your musical career has been running in a hamster wheel these last couple of years. I want you, and when I mean you I mean us because I live vicariously through you, to reach another level of success. I want you, again I mean we, to do what people can’t do nowadays. I want us to find away to make money in this music business. Here’s what I think we should do.

First I’m going to need you to relinquish the “50 Cent the gangster” persona. I don’t mean you have to let go of it completely but for the mean time, while we aren’t pushing an album, let’s put that muthafucka right on the top shelf. Just out of arms reach, so you won’t be tempted to pick it up when things look a little rocky. I figure you think because no one cares that Rick Ross is a fraud then why would they care that you don’t live the crack selling life style anymore; right? I mean that’s only logical. Sorry my dude, music fan’s march to their own drums in the internet age. Their logic rules here so we have to follow that logic.

We all helped you get rich because we saw you almost died while you tried. I purchased 3 copies of your debut CD. You don’t have to live that life anymore! We all wanted to see you succeed and because you have we (when I say we I do mean I) don’t want to hear tales of your past. Let me correct myself, we would like to hear tales from your past we just don’t want to be fed the bullshit. That isn’t how you are living now. WE KNOW YOU DON’T LIVE LIKE THAT! Ok, maybe not KNOW but we’d like to believe that you don’t have to nor do you choose to sell crack; on any level. This is what detracts us from the “Heat 50 Cent” (the song Heat). We love that song but we know, today, that’s not you. We made it so that isn’t you! Sounds logical, right? Well, until you ask about a certain Shawn Carter.

Jay-z doesn’t follow the logic we’ve laid out for you because Mr. Carter succeeded despite what we thought of him. In 1996 we (defined as: a broad rap fan) didn’t give a fuck about a Jay-Z. The best artists were Biggie, Nas ,member from Wu-tang and 2pac. Jay-Z’s tales of overcoming, although they are becoming mundane, are welcomed because we didn’t build him up. He designed himself. You may think you tailored yourself but we feel we placed you in a lane to win. (Eminem and Dre might have had something to do with that also) You were built to win, given the chance to win and when you won we rejoiced. Middle America didn’t want to see you win but we the fans made that possible. For you to even elude that you don’t win, well that is just like a slap in the face. You better not be selling crack!

We gave you an opportunity. (Again I mean us the fans) We want you to make the most of that opportunity and tell us how the top is. You don’t have to make happy songs but if I’m not mistaken “I Get Money” was a big hit. Those types of records are good for you in the place you are in today. ‘War Angel’ did well on the streets so again I reiterate that those hard raps are welcomed. We like the stories; we’ll always like the stories, just not-so-much from you. At least not the way you currently choose to tell those stories. Not at this junction in your career. Yes tell us you might have once sold crack (statute of limitations might not be up on you) but let us know you now wipe your ass with $50 bills. Let us know you forgot what a $5 bill looks like. Tell us how you haven’t carried change in 4 years. These stories we want to hear. Who’s telling them? NOBODY! Fill the void. You fill voids, remember? The game was soft when you came in. ‘Big Willie Style’ was coming off of 9 million album sales and nobody was rapping tough. It’s a recession, nobodies rapping extravagant money expenditures. (Baby shows us but we don’t believe him) You are able to do that and we’ll believe you.

You can email me: hymn@pardonmeduke.com if you need a muse. I want us to win. (Us because I vicariously live through you)

Thank you,


P.S. In the internet age we, as fans, listen to what we want, get it how we want and try to get everybody else on our bandwagon. Once those people do get on the bandwagon we desert that bandwagon because now it’s too popular. It isn’t ours anymore. In hind sight you might have been a casualty of that logic. Currently no one notable is on your bandwagon except maybe Funk Flex and myself. Music is a cycle let that benefit you. Get off the hamster wheel and explore other areas of your given box.

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