Goodbye Brooklyn EP – Nemo Achida

I’m a Nemo enthusiast. I want Nemo to win. I was late to arrive on the bandwagon but have stayed mindful of the journey even away from the bandwagon, albeit inconsistent. I think I’ve missed some tracks–I don’t post everything I hear; anymore–but have caught all bodies of work put out after Presidential Address. Mr. Achida is an achiever. With persistence, Nemo maybe not win on a Jay-Z “king of all hip hop survey’s” scale, but I think he can certainly win on an indie rock band scale. Either way Nemo will find his niche; you’ll hear his voice.

After I opened the zip file I read the email. (which by the way is better than every single e-mail I’ve ever gotten about a hip hop artists EP) As I was reading the email the first portion of Woody Allen’s Manhattan Monologue starts and fits perfectly in tune with subject matter of the email. You have to Download the EP and read the e-mail at the same time but it’s eery how the two coincide. Salute to Nemo and Sean Magan for the exceptional selection.

Download GoodBye Brooklyn EP

The first video for the EP, “Dedication”, is after the jump

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