Video: “FTW” – Emilio Rojas feat. Killer Mike

So Green Lantern’s artist Emilio Rojas unleashes another video from the ‘Life Without Shame’ mixtape. Killer Mike joins in to show middle fingers to, well apparently everybody. I don’t think anyone was set aside and not offended so; fuck you.

I personally liked Emilio’s ‘The Natural’ more but ‘Life Without Shame’ does show “artistic growth”. I’m just not fond of Emilio’s “artistic direction”. It’s more “the stuff I rap about is intellectual and my video’s are shocking” than letting his talent illuminate. (Pardon me: I’m just too clever for myself but most people won’t see the riddle.) With all that put aside Emilio can rap, hopefully that is evident.

Yes I do know Killer Mike changed his name to Mike Bigga. That’s a Puff move. I don’t respect it but I understand.

Download - Life Without Shame via DJ Booth

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