Mighta Missed Monday, Video: “TopSpin Demo”

Artists frequent blogs more than the average fan so I’ve dedicated this Mighta Missed Monday to them(you). I present… TopSpin.

Now I know you don’t have a full social media staff or even a street team but you most likely have a bandcamp. If you are even semi-serious about your music you have a bandcamp. Bandcamp is beneficial, may even be the standard nowadays, but TopSpin is like bandcamp on steriods.

TopSpin is almost like having your own social media staff on an online application. It lets you sell products, sends out facebook and twitter blasts while keeping a record/contact list of your fans. I know, impressive. The above video is actually a demo of TopSpin I saw on PutMeOnit .

It takes an hour to showcase TopSpin’s basic features. Let me write it different so you can fully comprehend. It takes AN HOUR to showcase TopSpins BASIC features! If you have an hour between dinner and the playoffs I suggest you watch and learn how to better brand yourself. Everything can’t always be free and if it is, you might just be getting what you pay for. TopSpin, something you might have missed.


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