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Goodday Goodfolk,

I’ve been holding-on to this project since October of last year. Although some of the content & approaches differ from where my head is as of now, I’m still passionate & committed to this effort. The title ‘Digital Dan’ has very little meaning… it’s more or less my way of crowning myself in the present-era. Majority of my self-produced records are created digitally, as well as promotion, imaging, etc. So that’s the ‘Logic’ behind the title. The production ranges from myself, to myself & Clutch Porter, L. Starks(kentucky), DJ Well-Blended(detroit), King Mitus(nyc) ..& I think that’s it. You’ll notice that I attempted to spill a different facet of myself onto each record. So there’ll probably not be a moment where you completely settle in. I’m not 100% sure if thats how albums are created, but I am definitely sure that this is the way to find my ‘complete-Balance’ – & I plan to do just that. Stay with me folks, I have more to come this year………. for me, this entire journey is about staying positive & consistent. sidebar: Don’t be afraid to Help.
Nemo Achida

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