Mighta Missed Monday – Jalin Roze

Jalin Roze, hails from Louisville, Kentucky and has one intention; to keep hip hop exciting. His debut mixtape,The Blouprint, hit the internets in September 2009. The Blouprint grabbed classic Hov tracks and brought Jalin’s punchline savvy flow to the forefront of the Midwest music scene. After critical acclaim across national blogs, Jalin’s music video for “Taxi” (a Ski Beats ft. Mos Def remake) paid it’s due’s for the bluegrass native. His current project Few and Far Between gained local and national recognition. His forthcoming project “The Brilliance” drops April 3rd. It will be featured on PMD so be on the look out for that.

To catch up on Mr. Roze visit his bandcamp and take a listen to someone you mighta missed. As always there are video’s after the jump.


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