Said I Will – Omen

Omen of DreamVille fame sets to rhyme “real shit” over Kanye’s “Say You Will“. Although it has been done before I enjoy Omen’s take on the 808 & Heartbreak’s single. Real is real no matter when it comes or who it comes from.

I’m about to give hell week to your freshman class” > shots @ the ’11 freshman class.

Download Said I Will


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Mania! – Pac Div

With Grown Kid Syndrome slated for later this year, Pac Div & Don Cannon finally releases their much anticipated Mania!. From what I hear it’s been worth the wait. Modern-couple of weeks-internet rap is being flooded with an out pouring from the L.A. area. Pac Div claims to be different. Whether they are part of a trend or leaders of a growing style I happen to like the trio. Hopefully Universal gives Pac Div a solid date for Grown Kid Syndrome, until then enjoy their latest offering Mania!.

Download Mania! via H.e.r.fection


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Video: Stretching – Rosa Acosta

To show her appreciation to her 115k+ twitter followers, Rosa Acosta sent this viral. Now, normally this isn’t what we really do around these parts but it would just be a disservice if I didn’t post this. I didn’t do it for me, I did it for us. Lastly I’d like to iterate: I’m no pervert, just a purveyor of fine things. It’s important to be limber. I never knew how beneficial it could be, for us.


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