Mighta Missed Monday: Young Swift

J.Cole has the whole North Carolina putting on. Maybe they have been putting on but now most of the country is checking for them now. I couldn’t name 3 rappers between Petey Pablo and J.Cole from North Carolina but I can roll off at least 7 after J.Cole. Young Swift would be in the front of the 7 after Cole.

I heard about Young Swift through Shaheim Reid’s introduction series. Did some research and came up with the following. He’s signed to an Atlanta based label: Charge Nation and has an impresseive youtube catalogue. The Mixtape Guns & Roses is sitting at almost 15,000 downloads with more to surely come. Oh, did I mention he has a bonafide Akon co-sign? Co-signs usually don’t mean shit to me but Akon finds them people-*cough*Lady Gaga, T-Pain*cough*. This is an artist you mighta missed but now get a chance to catch up on.

I’ve left some visuals after the jump and the mixtape. I like visuals because you can be anybody via audio, but you can’t hide corny too long in video’s.

Download Guns & Roses

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