Carmelo traded to the New York Knicks

So, now Brooklyn born, Carmelo Anthony is a New York Knick. This acquisition is good for the Knicks this season. In the final 25 games they’ll score hella points and let opponents score hella points but it will make for exciting basketball. The Knicks team now is a far cry from the yesteryear Knicks whose major draws were Eddie Curry and Stephon Marbury. To think in 2 seasons the Knicks went from the laughing stock of the NBA to the envy of all GM’s abroad. I applaud Isiah Thomas Donnie Walsh and The Dolan family. You’ve turned the Knicks into contenders. Can’t ask for more than that, unless you are a New Yorker.

I said the trade was a good move for the Knickerbockers this season because there will not be a next season. Nope, applaud Carmelo Anthony he basically insured there will be a lock out at the beginning of next season. His actions, far worse than LeBron’s, show a loop hole in the free agency system. Teams can’t keep players that don’t want to stay and that goes double for small market teams. If you are a small market team that can’t guarantee a championship, with exception to Kevin Durant and Oklahoma, you can kiss your superstar goodbye.

There are only 4 or 5 major markets in the NBA and it seems a trend to move there, without owner & management approval. Players have a leeway through free agency. If said team won’t trade the player, said player gets to “try” free agency and team gets nothing in return. See Phoenix and Toronto’s reluctance to trade their superstars and how they made out in the deal. The teams are molding/creating superstars and losing them because of free will. The players are taking the business for what it is, a business. Players are now brands, they have to do everything in their power to enhance their brands.

Today’s league is about players and branding. The marketing isn’t based on how much of a team game basketball is. Team marketing is based on their best players. “Come watch blah blah blah take on the_____” You can blame Jordan & Iverson for this.

Although Michael Jordan thrived in the triangle offense he was glorified by Marc Stern, The Bulls Organization and Nike. They branded him; Jordan brand. He was the bulls, according to commercials, and being impressionable kids we all believed it. Iverson took it to the next level when HE WAS the actual organization. He passed, never, and had no teammates. He by himself took the 76ers to the finals. Players saw how the 76ers treated him at the latter part of his career. There is no loyalty for players–check the contracts and ability to waive anyone– so now there is no loyalty for owners.

The pawn pieces are moving on their own and now it’s a problem. Sadly, there will be a lockout next season. Melo, The Knicks and The Nuggets insured the lockout. Enjoy this season because there won’t be a next. We’ll see who’s crying for loyalty then.

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