Just a Thought: I think I’m Shawn Kemp

With the dunk contest on and the Blake Griffin hype I show you Shawn Kemp. Kemp is arguably the greatest dunker of all time. ‘Nque won 2 championships but Kemp should have–beat Dee Brown in ’91–had one himself. That ’91 dunk contest highlight reel speaks for itself. I went out and bought the Reebok pumps just like everyone else but after further review the judges were wildin’. Kemp’s ability to dunk on people puts him ahead of the contest dunkers i.e. ‘Nque. That little lockout took his career but if you were a League head, you put the rim down to 9 feet and pretended to be Reign Man!

In this age of emulation it is surprising no1 wants to be Shawn Kemp. Not only did he have the Nike deal with a signature shoe-in a small market-but he is the king of promiscuity. He didn’t play college ball and he was the king of promiscuity! It is believed,no one knows for certain, that he has 7 children. NO ONE KNOW HOW MANY CHILDREN HE HAS. Now you might not remember how many women you’ve had sex with but how many children you have? This guy could be on the Maury show all by himself, the whole episode. Why wouldn’t you be like that? I mean I do understand. I’m just saying if you’d be drug dealin’ Big Meech, why not Shawn Kemp? We all have flaws but his are just so cool. Tell Gary to throw me up a lob; it’s going down, I think I’m Shawn Kemp.

As always if you make this a song and don’t give me credit I’m coming for 800%

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