Mighta Missed Monday : Bricks In My Backpack – Troy Ave.

I don’t really pay attention to blogger tweets. If your a blogger and you constantly “promote” a selective bunch of rappers and their projecst I just assume you’re all buddies. It’s just the way I think things are. I see how this blog game is running. Nigga’s ain’t friends they know how to pretend. This is where Troy Ave comes in. He might be an exception to the rule.

Troy gets a lot of blogger co-signs. It’s really surprising because he surely does not have “blogger content”. Mr.Ave. would be-albeit unfair-best described as New York’s Jeezy. So it’s surprising that the co-signs he is receiving are from blogs that aren’t big on “cocaine rap”. They don’t promote “the bad guy” but they are in full Troy Ave. suits with matching pom-poms. Troy is capitalizing from a steller marketing campaign.

Troy Ave. is everywhere. I didn’t pay attention because he was everywhere, I’m just not into blindly following the masses. Luckily for me I do give in to good marketing. I saw the EPK on youtube, I streamed the mixtape (livemixtapes.com) and saw the video for his SOB performance. I saw the YRB interview but didn’t watch the whole thing, didn’t need to. You can see the arrogance in which he speaks, feel it in the choice words he raps. Troy Ave. might just be New York’s next big thing. His marketing is on target, he just has to show an equal work ethic. I offer Bricks in My Backpack just in case you mighta missed it before like myself.

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  1. Promokid Says:
    January 17th, 2011 at 7:17 pm

    Good read. I’ll check him out.

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