Throwback Thursday : Cam’Ron S.D.E.

This is by far my favorite Cam album. There are certain artists who get hit with the sophmore jinx but not Cam’Ron. It’s often argued that Confessions of Fire was his finest album but I disagree. On Confessions he was humble, as humble as a nigga born from Harlem can be, but S.D.E. he let the cocky talk. He was the best rapper EVER and he didn’t have to prove it to you. If you didn’t know you were stupid and if you did it was obvious. This is where the trend setter flaunted his swagger. This was also the beginning of the Diplomat movement. A lot of people know that but what what many people don’t know is this is also where Cam threw his first rocks at Jay-Z. Yep Let Me Know was directed at the Jigga Man. S.D.E. showcased Cam’s ability to make a mainstream hit without a major feature. Something Confessions did not do. What Means the World to You? If you ask me it will always be Sports, Drugs and Entertainment-until the arraingment.

Revisit S.D.E.

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