Video: Cleveland vs. LeBron?

Have you ever seen such a clamor for a regular season game? Not even between the best teams in their division, just mid-level teams at best at this point in the season. LeBron comes back to Cleveland and I’m sure the stadium will roar with boo’s when he is introduced. I’m not sure how the fans will react during the game but when “The King” comes out he will get a vehement response.

I saw this over at Sekou Smith’s blog,Valkryne Productions put together a nice piece.

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One Response to “Video: Cleveland vs. LeBron?”

  1. S. Mathis Says:
    December 3rd, 2010 at 12:42 am

    You could’ve still went to MIAMI, still got your MONEY, still not gave a FUCK, still been cheered in every arena in the COUNTRY, still been BELOVED in Ohio, BUT you just had to do the sucker move by not giving your hometown the heads up early in the free agent summer, so as not to waste their time & opportunity on you. THEN, you have the nerve to be defiant about it, instead of realizing you made a mistake and apologizing to make amends. Guess it aint enough that C. BARKLEY, M. JORDAN, B. RUSSELL, NIKE, GATORADE, the Q-Rating people, virtually every sports marketing executive in the world, the NBA Commissioner, every sport blogger/reporter in the world, and every NBA city except Miami says you were wrong cuz we are all just jealous haters. Your 29 year old advisor/ceo of your sports marketing brand knows better from his vast experiences with other athletes (oh wait, your his first!). – The World aka people who made you the most popular NBA player to the most reviled @ Lebron James

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