Video: Monster – Kanye West feat. Nicki, Ross, Jay-z

Someone liberated this from the cutting room floor. Get your jollies in while watching this uncensored version before “they” shut the video down.

If this is what we are calling art nowadays it is very artistic. It’s very something, in one direction or the other, depending where your taste lies.

Seen at Relevant Mindset

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Goodnight – Chinx Drugs

Riot Squad. This is an ok song with a good flow. Chinx will get a little buzz but I posted this because of the Squad -Up Chinx yells. I haven’t heard that in a while, maybe 3 years. R.I.P. Stack.

‘Hurry Up & Die’ - Coming Soon

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What it Do – Johnny Spanish

Saw this over at I viewed other content from Mr. Español on youtube and his style/flow is intriguing. He currently resides in Brooklyn -doesn’t everyone?- but is originally from Louisville KY. I think Nemo Achida is from Kentucky also. Check out Johnny’s new single What it Do.

This is actually on a lot of blogs I like to visit but props to HHU cause I saw it there first.

Download What it Do

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Video: The Show Goes On – Lupe Fiasco

So Lupe Fiasco is on a short black list for blogs. I remember having the opportunity to read why but I don’t believe I followed through. I couldn’t have read the cause because I don’t remember why “they” black balled him. Luckily for you I am not “them”. I am Hymn. Rejoice in the video for it has made it to you this Christmas as promised. Rappers are following through with deadlines nowadays, surprising.

I pray this doesn’t get the site seized.

Lasers – 3.28.2011

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Oridnary Love Shit Pt. 1 – Joe Budden

Joey’s always a much better rapper when he is talking about personal situations but he lets too many people look inside his window. Too many people get a peek at his dirty laundry. If that is therapeutic to him then so be it but that strains a relationship.

We all knew who he’s talking about in the second half of this Sade sample.

Download Ordinary Love Shit pt. 1

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The Gift – Reek Da Villian

Just in time for Christmas Reek Da Villian releases ‘The Gift’ .

Long Island support! We finally have a young nigga on the stage.

Download The Gift

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Video: Long Run – Fly.Union

I thought ‘The Greater Than Club’ was a @jerreau project. I enjoy all the members of Fly.Union though. Iyeball is a good rapper in his own right. I think @Jayswifa produced this track, Long Run. Fly.Union is a nice cohesive unit. Are you meshing with them?

Download Value Pack 6

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Ashes to Ashes – Rick Ross

Diddy said this was the commission on the intro. I lamented. I like the mixtape though. Merry Christmas muthafucka’s. *Puff Daddy voice*

Download Ashes to Ashes

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The Marathon – Nipsey Hussle

I only like a couple of nigga’s from California and Mr. Hussle is amoung the select few. I was anxiously awaiting South Central State of Mind but since that release date was halted, this will have to do. I hope everyone gets the marathon metaphor. If not *Kanye Shrug*, everything isn’t for everybody.

Download The Marathon

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Field Nigga Blue’s – Mikkey Halsted feat. Freddie Gibbs

I wish this wasn’t the clean version but you make due with what you have. Mikkey Halsted finally added a bar code to his music.

The Darkroom – 101 distribution

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