All On The Line Remix – Wink Loc (Feat. H. McCloud, Ra Diggs, Uncle Murda & Push! Montana

Here is the visual to Wink Loc’s song “All on the line” remix. This is a cool video something hard for the streets. (K Slay voice) Ohhhh Maaan!!! Peep the video concept… Shout out to H. McCloud on the hook, look out for more music from him.

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Video: Gone Baby – MeLo-X
feat. Paul McCartney and Erykah Badu

So the homie Mel=X aka Merch drops is new video today for us to consume. The soothing track Gone Baby features the sounds or Mr. McCartney and Ms. Badu. A timeless classic is before us. Enjoy.

Directed by Jesse Boykins III & The Light Up Film team

More Merch available December 7th

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Video: Bars (pt.Too) – Mikkey Halsted

Mikkey releases another promo video for The Darkroom. All Mr. Halsted is doing is offering you an opportunity to be in the know. Don’t be a dummy your whole life. 12.21.10

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Sing My Song – Elite

Family working hard but he’s gone to over drive these days. My dude Elite let go another gem today for you to soak in. Produced by Elite of course peep game, and now a word.

Yeah I do it all, from the hook to the track to the rap mix the song and its all in my room picture that – when I’m on? It’s a wrap… If it aint a Grammy on my wall it’s a plaque.”

…. On My Way….

Download Sing My Song – Elite


Video: Eternity – Poe Picasso

Saw this over at TheHipHopUpdate and dismissed it at first but then I said fuck it why not? I thought Picasso sounded like the average internet rapper but then at the end a familiar voice said his album was thee best album they’ve ever heard. Now I’ve heard of yes men but “thee best album I’ve ever heard”? Whether it be hyperbole or not I have to get a copy of this album. I want to hear what “the familiar voice” heard. The promo video worked because I’m intrigued. Now what’s the name of the album?


Video: FSD interviews Lupe Fiasco

Fake Shore Drive’s Laura Mitchell sits down with Lupe Fiasco to chop it up about why he hate’s blog sites, his recent principal for a day venture and the album. Lupe hates bloggers. I don’t care he is still AWESOME!

In other news, What happened to the book club? Damn Laura Mitchell looks good.

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