Another One – Bugatti Boyz

This is Puff Daddy! I miss Puff Daddy. He was thee FIRST ignorant rich nigga. In the club spitting out cristal and talking shit, what cha know about it? Remember “I’ll erase everybody in your families social security number”? Ahhhh those were the days, these are the times.

Check out Puff’s hair cut. It’s the same one he rocked in “Can’t Nobody Hold Me Down”. I don’t know about the moves he’s making. Are we really going to reinact the good ol’ days? Let’s make new memories. Nas said it best; “Let the late great veteran live”

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Pharaoh$ & King$ – Rich Boy

I’ve been waiting on my southern brothers return! If you don’t have Rich Boy’s first album you might just label him “the dummy rapping about Dubs” but homie got some shit to say. He makes beats to, something to ride to. Nonetheless he’s coming out with a new mixtape soon and provides a little leak. Pharaohs and Kings. My little brother says the difference between Pharaohs and Kings is the color of their skin, it’s a little deeper than that though, isn’t it?

Download Pharaoh$ & King$

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Video: AkiyahB interviews Big K.R.I.T.

@AkiyahB catches up with Def Jam’s new signee Big K.R.I.T. to talk about his come up, music influences and what “real music” is.

Good questions followed by good responses. K.R.I.T. just needs to answer questions a little slower. All in all this was a good interview.

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Video: “The Wanting” – Absolut The Great

Directed by Shalin via Absolut Online

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