Kush – Dr. Dre feat. Snoop Dogg/Akon

So this is rumored to be the first single from the good Doctors Detox album. If you believe that I have some waterfront property in Montana for sale. Just for you. With so much anticipation and back and forth why do people still care about this Detox album. Those were my thoughts prior to listening to Kush. This shit right here nigga, this shit right here! This that shit that makes you proud to be a gangsta.

Don’t act like you don’t hear Nate on that muthafucking hook. Take it back to 1999/2000 on you muthafucka’s. Damn this shit makes you want to rock a hockey jersey and spit into camera’s.

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Shiny Suit Theory – Jay Electronica feat. Jay-Z/The Dream

I’m not understanding something here. Jay Electronica talks about advice Puff gave him on the song he does with his new boss Jay-Z? Is the notion behind the motive too complex for me to grasp? Jay-Z spit that “knowledge” shit though. Being on an Electronica track let him spread his lyrical wings. I didn’t hear the The Dream though, did you?

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Gorgeous – Curt@!n$

If she’s checking dough I tell her “Dear you get whatever’s right of the decimal”

Yea; he’s a lot better than 98.99% of rappers out.

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No Sleep Gang – Pill

You might have to follow @pill4180 to fully appreciate this track. He is just about the funniest person on my timeline day in day out. We all know why rappers don’t bring the humor to tracks though don’t we? Oh, you don’t? Ask Luda, MTV or XXL. They’ll gladly explain.

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Judas – Elite

Co-Producer of J. Cole’s “Who Dat” and more recently “See World” off the Friday Night Lights mixtape – Elite offers a glimpse into his world as an artist. “Judas” from Elite’s upcoming mixtape, is an exploration of the creative psyche. Working his way through the industry over the last ten years, “Judas” serves as an introduction to Elite’s story.

Download Judas – Elite

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