I like the way you do it – Pill

While I was listening to the first verse I was like, awww pill has a domesticated side, then I heard the 2nd verse. We apologize to Oprah in advance–bitches and hoes exist though–she might take offense to this track. The soft melodic symphony was composed by Tha Bizness but you can not, I repeat, CAN NOT make love to this rap song. Ain’t nothing wrong with a little hardcore rap though.

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Last of a Dying Breed – Preme da Prez

I don’t much about this young man. The beat selection was on point though. The cymbal, piano and soft drums blend well with Preme’s voice. It’s a solid single.

Can anybody name the sample for me?

Download Last of a Dying Breed


Friday Night Lights – J. Cole

I might be late with this one but a gift is a gift. Dreamvillain.net presents J. Cole’s Friday Night Lights

Download Friday Night Lights

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