See World – J. Cole

Almost a year ago in Fayetteville, NC a 5 year old girl was kidnapped, raped and murdered. This wasn’t a typical rape and murder, if you can label those hayness acts as typical. Shaniya Davis was prostituted/sold by her own mother to settle a drug debt. J. Cole, being from Fayetteville, wrote a poem and dedicated it to her memory. Sometimes the world is a sad, sad place.

Gettin higher than the soul of little Shaniya,
To the ones that killed her, hope you burn in fire.
I’m burnin tires on the strip, tryna get a grip,
Liquor in the cupholder, tryna get a sip.
6 shots of Hennessey, I’m still goin strong.
Please numb me from the bullshit that’s goin on.
That girl was 5 years old that they just murdered,
and did some wicked shit to her that was unheard of,
You fuckin coward.
Ain’t gotta tell em’ go to Hell,
Cuz that’s the shit that make them other niggas sick in Jail;
So you gon’ feel it.
Travel the world reppin this city, know I’m gon kill it,
but yet a nigga ain’t got a clue.. how I’m gon deal with
all the bullshit. Niggas sendin shots my way.
You put a hit out on me, think that I’m gon stop? No way.
Gon have to kill me, or witness a nigga livin so filthe.
Young, Black, and Wealthy, for that I’m guilty.
Still see all the fake shit.
It’s funny somehow thought the money could erase it.
No matter how much dough you got you gotta face it,
and to my niggas gone hope you in a better place,
if I make it I’ll holla…

As seen on The Well Versed

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