U Know Who U Are – Fly.Union

I’m big on Jerreau, he’s a promising young artist. Can’t wait till ‘The Greater Than Club’ is ready for the internets consumption. Fly.Union don’t get their just deserve when it comes to blog posts. It’s amazing how you can hear Jerreau’s mind pacing in his rhymes. They’re just so intricate, precise and witty. Hopefully he’ll find the success he wants/needs without having to “dumb it down”I believe there is a market out there. Somebodies just going to have to go out there and find it.

Video is sorta thin though right? Oh yea this is over “Aston Martin Music”

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I’m Coming Home – J.Cole

You see Laura Izibore! (black dress)

If you didn’t know this was made for Diddy peep that line “I wonder if Andre Harrell knew how great I would be when he fired me“. I really like the hook. Alex da Kid did the beat & it’s fire!

Although I still think Drake is a better artist J.Cole isn’t too far behind. He’s really grown on me. I’m going to go Run and tell everyone like Martin Lawrence. Suited up in my J.Cole uniform equipped with Dreamville pom-pom’s. Villematic is coming.

Download I’m Coming Home

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1st Time – Talib Kweli ft. Consequence

I really like Consequence. His rhymes are…lets go with interesting. Although The Con’s doesn’t rap on this Kweli track he lends vocals on the hook. The beat is a sampled and chopped Marvin Gaye snippet. I like the vibe.

I am anxious to see/hear what that Community Mixtape will be like. “It’s just some track from a whole bunch of fans worldwide” is a pretty vague description. It can go so many ways with that. Different artists, different covers to Kweli songs or even different producers. I’ll have to remember to post that. Somebody remind me?

Download 1st Time

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