Mighta Missed Monday – Chad B

This Mighta Missed Monday PMD presents you Chad B. Chad B’s montage is “I’m not famous but famous people know me”. From nahright features to performing with Lil Wayne, Jeezy and the DipSet he has made a name for himself among the right circles. Chad started his pilgrimage to stardom at the tendor age of 8. I’ve never seen a bio where a artist listed Naughty by Nature as being a influence in their music and that is just a testament of how out of the box Mr. B is. You might be iffy about downloading the mixtape because a million and seventeen people raps. In fact my grandmother has a mixtape she wants me to feature on the blog but Chad B is different. Once you hear the music you will see he is a different breed. He has punches, he tells stories and what is refreshing to real executives is he can make a club song. Already in rotation at local Jersey college’s don’t be surprised to hear Chad on your radio soon. (Shade 45 counts) Click the link to see visuals of Chad’s journey.

Download : Est. 1986

Here is a visual form the mixtape. Chad B-Jersey-1st of 6- watch out for him.

There is a phenomenon going on in Jersey much like other regional dances i.e. Chi-town’s 2 stepping. I don’t know if anyone else is paying attention but I enjoy it when I’m in the club. This is club music so keep that in mind when you are watching the video. The fact that Chad B can make a successful club banger should have these A&R’s paying attention.

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