Pimp Or Die Shit – T.Shirt

[/caption] The homie T.Shirt dropped another Gem of his Life Series installment coming in November. Everyone can relate to the line below.

Fuck That Pimp or Die Shit, She Was Doooope”

Pimp Or Die Shit – T.Shirt

God Rebel Soldiers – MeLo-X

My dude Melo-X leaked some new music the other day and I  had to post it. That More Merch looking like it’s going to be something else in November. I aint see my dude since the VMA’s where you at my dude?

Angel & Demon – Abso The Great

I went to a really dope showcase over a month ago thrown by Absolut and PMD in Brooklyn. It was actually one of the few showcases I went to that gave me a dope feeling and had a decent group of new comers trying to make a name in this game. Here’s Absolut’s new serving that dropped on 10.10.10 for you to soak up.

Download Angel & Demon – Abso The Great

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