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I want to hear Jay-Z talk about something else. Something new. I played In my lifetime…vol.1 4 times last week and Blueprint III today-because my young girl likes III- and strikingly found very little difference between the subject matter. It has been 13 years and unlike his rhetoric Jay-Z has not moved “on to the next one“.

Now to draw direct parallel’s from Vol.1 and Blueprint III would just be time consuming and boring but for sake of argument *kanye shrug* You can run down songs like ‘A million & one questions‘ to ‘What we talking ’bout‘. You can couple ‘Who You Wit II‘ with’ Venus vs. Mars‘ and a parallel from ‘Where I’m From‘ with ‘Empire State of Mind‘ is a no brainer. I’m not talking about the beats or the lyrics but the relative subject matter. Yes we go with what works, that only makes sense (cents-63 million dollars to be exact), but to forgo growth is disturbing. Jay-Z has since become married, set up dealing with billionaire’s and is the biggest hip hop icon–ever! Let’s talk about the pressure that mounts every time you are set to release an album. Lets talk about a long distance love affair. Lets talk about something I know nothing about i.e. deciding to drive the Wrangler in the city instead of riding in the back of the ‘bach.

I understand Jay-Z doesn’t want to put his business in the open and have 30 million people staring in his window but com’on! Watch the Throne is supposedly not going to be a commercial project. With a title like Watch the Throne I know that is a damn lie. LiveNation gave that man 150 million dollars and if you think they’re going to let him do some experimental shit with his next project you’re buggin. I understand he has to fill that #1 slot on billboard but throw me something e.g. Beach Chair. Talk about how much pressure having to be #1 is. Yea it is an old topic but nobody see’s that quite like Jay-Z. From Marcy to Scarsdale to buying islands. Tell me what that life’s like. Talk about feeling you have to share your wife with the world. Her going on global tours and being in such demand I know you feel a type of way. He gave me a glimpse of that “when your girl is more famous than you then it’s-time to get all your windows tinted”. Let me hear those feelings. Jay has stepped out of his box before–e.g. Minority Report, Meet the Parents, Lyrical Exercise–let’s do it again. I still believe.

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