Throwback Thursday: In My Lifetime – Jay-Z

“Hol’ Ho’ who? Jay-z who, the rapper? The in my lifetime nigga? Fuck outta-that skinny nigga on a boat. Get the fuck outta here aint NO rapper telling me I can’t get no money out here man.”

“A bad influence got the world drinkin gold bottles
When Puff was in that tub spillin Mo’
I was at my video, Cris’ on the speedboat
In my lifetime nigga, go do your research
St. Thomas my nigga, that was me first”

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“Mr. Philadelphia EPK” – Meek Mill

Here is a story about a boy named Meek. It goes along with a mixtape entitled ‘Mr. Philadelphia’

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Here, My Dear – Presented by Terrace Martin & Devi Dev

This really isn’t my cup of tea-usually. I’m not into N.E.R.D. or far out musical experimentation i.e. trip hop but over the past few years some “unconventional” projects stick out. Man on the Moon, 808′s & Heartbreaks, Love vs. Money and now this.

Terrace Martin is a grammy award nominated musician who’s worked with the likes of Snoop and Quincy Jones. Brought up as a jazz musician Terrace converted to hip hop production later in his life but kept the jazz influences (his “horn”). Music envokes emotions to the listener brought from experience, well good music does. Mr. Martin describes ‘Here, My Dear’ as “the feeling right before you fall in love and the very moment you realize it’s over”. If you’ve ever been in love you know what he is talking about. If you haven’t you’ll understand the sentiment when the EP is over.

Download Here, My Dear

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Mighta Missed Monday – Gangland:Rise & Fall of B.M.F.

The history channel covers the B.M.F. The legend of Big Meech grows. This right here doesn’t make kids want to go do the right thing. Just makes them think – “yea I’mma do everything Meech did except get caught”.

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First Class [video] – Mikkey Halsted

Don’t know anything about this video just that Mikkey killed it. Chi-town representer!


Throwback Thursday: This is my Party – Fabolous

This was the lead single off Fabolous’ 2nd CD Street Dreams. I added a bonus joint after the jump. Its amazing to see how far Fabolous is gone. He was looked upon as being too much like Jay-z then he went too bitch now he is killing the competition. It’s Loso case you didn’t know so.

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The New York Times Covers Harlem’s Nutcracker

Visitors to any block party or outdoor event in Harlem this summer could not have missed the chant of “Nutcrackers! Nutcrackers!”

People in the neighborhood said selling nutcrackers had become more prevalent in the dismal economy, a means some have used to supplement their incomes with quick and easy money. Some who remember the crack boom of the mid-1980s and early 1990s, and the destruction it heaped upon the community, justify the sales, seeing them as akin to marijuana dealing or numbers gambling.

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Crazy – GhostWridah

Here is another visual offering from an artist featured on Mighta Missed Monday. ‘Crazy’ is the first video of 11 to come from “In Love With My Future” Get more acquainted with this New Miami representative!

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Mighta Missed Monday : Jon Connor

The big homie 80 introduced me to this artist about a year ago but I haven’t heard anything out of his camp until I saw him on NahRight’s front page. Major move for him but I’m sure you don’t know much about the Flint, Michigan breed MC. Jon (pronounced “Yon”) is a music producer and a writer not just a rapper. At the tendor age of 14 he and a high school friend started All Varsity Entertainment. With 3 mixtapes under his belt and releasing another one soon I offer a chance to catch up. Get acquinted with a Mid-western MC that doesn’t make bounce music. Check after the jump for a bunch of music you mighta missed.

Stream Epic

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