Teflon Don PMD Review

The real life Gusto, Officier Ricky, brings us this 4th LP in as many years. Teflon Don-hearlded on the streets,and making a billboard push-is nothing short of steller. Although it has 11 tracks, running a mere 49 minutes, it plays like a movie. This is the score to William Lenoard Roberts II’s persona.

Teflon Don starts off with Ross letting off 3 bangers. (Not bangers like party records just good joints) first he reassures us he isn’t a star. His braggadocio’s lines about being a pistol packing drug dealer are expected yet still come across as surprising.(the fact he skips showers and just uses deodorant is disturbing) He might be doing too much with the fiction but the flow is impeccable. You can’t say enough on behalf of the MI-Yayo representive with the Bad Boy flow. After the intro Teflon Don moves into the Jigga assisted track Free Mason. The focal point of this track is Rick Ross ran with the living legend. Fictional rhymes they may be but the man can rap. We have to remember we chose to listen to this for the rap’s if we wanted a National Geographic documentary we could have went that route. After his two records about fiction Ross gets a little deeper and offers us another side of him. Tears of Joy’s simplistic complexity reminds me of Prayeron Ross’ first offering. It is a bit emo but during a movie all scenes arent action. You get to see the man while he stares in the mirror and Tears of Joy is that glance.

Teflon Don also has its share of commercial tracks. For an 11 track album Ross only provides one track without a feature. I find that to be a bit much but *Jordan shurg*. Super High the first single and Ne-Yo assisted venture is a good showing but we know that was for a w-hi-der audience. You have to move your product across the road so I’ll attribute Aston Martin Music to that logic also. Maybach Music III was just a bad decision. Maybach Music II was alright but after the original you shouldn’t/can’t make a follow up. No.1 is just a Puff move, can’t say it plainer than that. Although these weren’t tracks I find intriguing I reaffirm they were good showings. Couple that with the street phenomanons and you fully see @RickyRozay ‘s versatility.

The street anthems, OMG the street anthems! The street anthems are the most surprising inserts on Teflon Don. From him to move into a niche with the Vacheron talk and be more commercial with his raps was expected. How that was greeted was what I expected to make Teflon Don a huge catastrophe. Whoever at Def Jam did the A&Ring (Alex “Gucci Pucci” Bethune) on this was a genius. M.C. Hammer and B.M.F. made Ross relevant again while the softer joints gave him a new audience. He can branch off and do other things because of the strategic placement of these joints right here.(radio and blogs not tracklisting) Not only that but the reception they got from “the streets” is unparalled not only from a familiar artist but from a man that was crucified this time last year for not being “street”. B.M.F./M.C. Hammer was the charge repellent that made Rick Ross the Teflon Don.

Though all the songs are available on various blogs you should buy the album. Albums like this one don’t come around that often. The build up for a spectacular showing then actually exceeding those expectations rarely happens in this thing of ours so when it does we must support. Ross might not get 300,000 the first week but Teflon Don is monumental on the streets.

*OverTime*It’s amazing the transformation that has taken place. From the anti-hood/blog star to having the pavement on smash. #Groundwork. Rick Ross has made the masses-not forget-but disregard his C.O. endeavors. In actuality why would we care? We don’t dislike Al Pacino because he isn’t Scarface. Robert Deniro gets oscars and Christopher Walken is respected as an actor so why would William Leonard Roberts II be any different? This thing of ours is entertainment and when we start forgetting we run into untimely demises. Every rapper can’t possibly be that gangsta. That isn’t how the world works. You don’t do dirt then speak about that dirt to sound cool. Look at Big Meech, look at Snoop Dogg. Snoops raps aren’t laden with how he’ll shoot you in the park and we all know he’ll shoot in the park. Who’s free who has a $10,000,000.00 bail? For it to be what it is we have to recognize it’s not what its not. Sometimes it is refreshing to know it isnt what we thought it wasn’t.

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2 Responses to “Teflon Don PMD Review”

  1. S. Mathis Says:
    July 28th, 2010 at 7:04 pm

    I havent listened to the album thoroughly so your review only serves to wet my appetite. NOT a big ROSS fan musically, except for EVERYTHING that included a diss for that old washed up G unit guy. Nonetheless, the beats he has presented on a few of the first singles have jumped out at me. I can knock him on all the features but thats mostly academic since ROSS is clearly the star on ‘BMF.’ As for ‘FREE MASON,’ the only other song I have heard, this feels blasphemous but well I think ROSS took that one to.

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    October 20th, 2010 at 11:07 pm

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