Mighta Missed Monday – Cee-Lo [mixtape]

Mighta Missed Monday

You might not be familiar with the insightful teachings of Cee-Lo Green so I offer you the opportunity to get acquainted. The Goodie Mob member and Gnarles Barkley vocalist is releasing a batch of promotional music to stimulate the senses for his forthcoming album. Lady Killer will be a classic much like his two previously ignored CD’s. I don’t understand how it is that Andre 3000 dives off the deep end,makes unexplainable music and is hearlded as the greatest thing Southern rap has to offer but Cee-Lo doesn’t even have a cult following. Some things just can never be explain-to me.

Check out the cover art and a download link after the jump.

Download Stray Bullets

Why doesn’t anyone freestyle over this?

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  1. Anamaria Coggin Says:
    June 27th, 2010 at 12:06 am

    Had errors viewing the website in Firefox on the Mac, but apart from that loved the post! :)

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