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Nowaday’s rap is full of a bunch of Ma$e molds who aren’t even talking greasy on them R&B records. Superheroes here to save the day for all the girls and boys while streaming them a gem or two. Where has rap gone if even going to jail-the best thing to boost street cred-is now a degregation for your career? If rap has turned into a great big City of Heroes then Philadelphia is still the abandoned museum (Lex Luthor’s lair). A Justice Jeague of anti-heroes you might call it. The home of Beans hasn’t been caught up in the flashing lights and tight jean allure. They are still up to their old ways praying God/Allah forgive them for being sinners.

Amongst this den of lions emerges Chic Raw. Birthed to a life only depicted in 90′s rap and crippled with the perils of his natural enviornment Chic lived a double life. “Shotta” by trade-rapper by talent. With his street life in his past, presently Chic is releasing new music. His content along with time upstate has matured the young boi and now he is bringing that maturity to the blogosphere. This monday I present to you Chic Raw:Rated Raw. This is a serious change of pace from all the Drake, B.O.B. & hipster mp3′s you have been bombarded with.

Download Chic Raw:Rated Raw via DatPiff

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