Curren$y Spitta

Curren$y Spitta might just have broke out of the underground scene. With rotation on MTV2 and a plethora of video’s hitting the internet every week The Jets pilot is attracting attention. Early in his career he played the background with Lil’ Wayne and No Limit but now he’s running the foreground with Dame Dash.

Curren$y is probably the undeniably underground King (Kong). From putting out mixtape’s with Don Cannon & Wiz Khalifa to rapping with skateboarder T.K. and even his debut with Amalgam Digital, Spitta has been laying cement for his pending monument. Add two studio albums in 2009, a press and release deal with Roc-a-fella x Def Jam and it ain’t hard to tell Curren$y is poppin as of late. Though it isn’t astonishing that with his southern drawl-weed saturated-basic rap Curren$y excels it is noteworthy that Spitta has stayed honest. From Sports Center Vol.1 to his present single the content has remained the same. The material it brought, albeit in doses, on a regular basis and with a feverish consistancy. Mixtapes are a glass ceiling and look who is breaking through the roof. *Applaud that boy*

“Its Hot Spitta bitch not Hospital”

Check out the new video for King Kong

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