Before I Self Destruct – Unexplainable

Officially 50 Cent’s 4th album is a dud. 358,000 isn’t even gold but Curtis is a multi-platinum album seller. We can blame today’s economy and digital pirating but that still wouldn’t explain Eminem doing 1.7 off a less than mediocre album and Jay-z doing 1.5 with his 3rd installment of The Blueprint. All this is fact and unexplainable seeing that Before I Self Destruct was the better album of the three. Maybe it was the constant dissing. As mainstream music has moved into another direction since Get Rich or Die Tryin’ Curtis is still on the same formula. Maybe the backlash is from Curtis’ hiatus from music. Without mixtape’s flooding the streets or constant freestyles 50 cent is becoming irrelevant. Lil Wayne has made it almost impossible to stay relevant if nothing is being dropped on a consistent basis. (A 2 month period between projects) Whatever it may be 50 Cent put up dud numbers on an album that was far from a dud.

Curtis, 50 Cent’s 3rd album, broke 600,000 units sold its first week but was critically mediocre. Some cynics liked that 50 was branching out and trying new musical endeavors. Others thought he was alienating his fan base. “Ayo, Technology” with Timbaland and Justin Timberlake was an appealing musical experimentation but might have been too techno for 50 Cents grass roots fans. Those Southside back blocks pushed the hype while the white kids in suburbia bought 50 Cent because of the grit in his rhymes.( along with the 21 question ploy). Indeed Curtis had joints like “Man Down” “I’ll Still Kill” and “My Gun Go Off” but none of those came close to the clamor and absolute shock of “Heat”. With lines like “The D.A. can play this muthafucking tape in court/ I’ll kill you, I ain’t playing” you just never heard such profound announcements on Top 40 radio. Given the fact that he is a multi-millionaire made it harder to believe he was living this grimey life he was projecting. His own “Wanksta” accusations were coming back to haunt him. 50 cents success is what made him struggle to find a niche for Curtis (usually a sophomore album conflict) but yetandstill this doesn’t explain B.I.S.D’s soundscan belly flop.

BISD came out after the Lil Wayne musical exploitation explosion. If you don’t know the story about that you should go die. 2.88 million copies sold in the U.S. alone in an age where mere platinum is great success. Internet piracy makes it impossible to make it to release date without a leak and then even if you do (you won’t unless nobody cares about you then you wouldn’t be able to sell 1 million of anything-catch 22) bloggers will torrent out your million dollar sessions for free. Wayne managed to have people go purchase the album with constant promoting of himself. He became the product you owned not the actual CD you purchased. On June 10th 2008, and the week of, I and 1,005,544 (approximently) other fans became part of history. 50 Cent is too secluded to sell himself.v(rightfully so because nigga’s wanna kill him!) He can sell 50 Cent in doses but not Curtis Jackson and by watching him you can differentiate the two personalities. Rappers are selling themselves these days. You see that with Drake, Lil Wayne, Joe Budden and the insurgence of twitter/youtube/say now. In today’s impersonal connections fans want to believe that their rap hero could be their best friend. But marketing is marketing and good music will speak for itself right? It must prevail. Why didn’t BISD prevail? Why didn’t his 5 million plus fan base go buy the album? Even 20% of his fan base would push the album platinum. How did this not succeed?

As much as Curtis wants to portray himself as a rap juggernaut he’s not. Yes the buzz with/behind GRorDT was crazy but that buzz was an Eminem + Dr. Dre product. Jay-Z, Eminem, Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg and now Lil Wayne are rap juggernauts. Jay-z dropped an album on the most horrific day in American history (9-11-01) and it still went platinum. Eminem put out a shitty album and it sold 1.7 million copies, after a four year hiatus! Dr. Dre hasn’t come out with an album in 10 years yet Detox, which is 7 years late, is still the most anticipated album to be released in 2010. Snoop Dogg has been on No Limit and made it past the death that label bestows onto rap careers. (All No Limit Soldiers careers are in the gravyard except Percey Miller the USC point gaurd and internet/independent superstar Curren$y Spitta) Jae Millz did 500,00 downloads on his recent mixtape,purely on Lil Wayne’s nostalgia, and 50 can’t go gold? No matter if 50 Cent isn’t a hip hop juggernaut good music from a relatively known artist should prevail. He should have gotten his itunes purchases through word of mouth and I don’t mean 300,000 copies. He could have bought 2 million himself and been number one with a bullet so why was B.I.S.D. a dud?

Why BISD was/is a dud is unexplainable. Yes all that to get to this. 50 Cent’s second best album.(you’ll probably never do better than your first). I understand the annoyance of the “accent” on “Ok, Your Right” and “Stretch” but it was innovative. He didn’t do too much musical experimentation to bring back his grass roots fans but it seems they didn’t give him another chance. With all the marketing dollars and free marketing with your favorite rapper should have done better numbers. 50 cent flopping is just unexplainable. Maybe its a change in the guard. New York gangsta rap is dying and 50 cent is just showing us a sign of the times. If 50 cant do the numbers the numbers can’t be done, right?

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4 Responses to “Before I Self Destruct – Unexplainable”

  1. S. Mat Says:
    April 7th, 2010 at 12:44 pm

    This ones easy. 50 CENT has talent, but he was far more a novelty act then a top 5 talent. He made aggressive music, with an authentic looking mean mug. Nonetheless, he has never been considered a pure talent. LYRICS: nothing special, though he had Tupac-like emotion & believability that he meant what he said.
    FLOW: the best thing ever said about it was the fact that it held no regional obvious regional accent to it. Made him some local to anyone on any radio station. Since violence, his topical matter mostly, is universal well he worked. DRE, EM, great beats: those first two albums had obvious bangers which he rode well, wrote to well, and blended his aggressive content to, very well. DRE & EM grant u West Coast & MIDWESTERN super CO-signs. Finally, GIMMICKS: which have a limited shelf life. JaRule (well done), Jay-Z (went 4 the big fish & well he didnt care), Kanye (mixed results – u promoted a fairly mediocre album well but got your ass kicked at retail by the other guy), JADAKISS: your bigger then him but hes wordier then u so u lost by tie. Lil WAYNE: he only became the biggest rapper in the world shortly after u tried to goat him and he subsequently ignored u. RICK ROSS – another loss by tie since he sold the same as u with 1/16 your fan base. In conclusion, u never were a great lyricist, never the best flow or top 3. U used gimmicktry effectively but the shelf life is short for that sort of thing. U didnt know how to reinvent yourself when the grit was replaced by success. And, you lost your ability to make great songs (your one top tier talent). In the words of SHEEK LOUCH, “I dont hear it in your (songs) no more.”

  2. S. Mat Says:
    April 7th, 2010 at 12:47 pm

    Forgive my grammer. I was typing while watching ’24.’ Didnt re-read b-4 release.

  3. Aldo Says:
    May 3rd, 2011 at 5:04 am

    The picture is quite scary for me and I feel surprised while seeing it. 50 Cent is a good singer and I really like his songs. His way to sing is really nice and enjoyable so I can get the meaning of his song. He is different with others R n B singers and he is very talented. Hope this album will be success.

  4. Wendy Jones Says:
    May 12th, 2011 at 6:20 am

    I haven’t really listened to the track, but it is somehow interesting to listen to.. meditation techniques

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