Mighta Missed Monday : Kanye Edition

Mighta Missed Monday

I know your thinking how can Kanye have a mighta missed monday? He is-if not thee biggest-one of the biggest artists out right now. He can drop a blank CD and go gold! However it wasn’t always like that. 8 years ago Kanye struggled to get on and here are his endeavors. Pardonmeduke reconnects you with I’m Good. A young Kanye released this before blogging was perfected…GET FAMILIAR.

Download I’m Good

After the jump you can catch the album art, a tracklist and the interview that inspired the post.

I’m Good Tracklisting

* 1.Intro
* 2.Kanye West Feat. GLC – Heavy Hitters [listen] download
* 3.Jay-Z Feat. Kanye West – Excuse Me Miss Again (Remix)
* 4.Kanye West – Jesus Walks (Snippet)
* 5.Kanye West Feat. Mos Def, Freeway, Harlem Boys Choir & Miri Ben-Ari – Two Words
* 6.John Legend – I Use To Love U
* 7.Talib Kweli Feat. Mos Def, Jay-Z, Kanye West & Busta Rhymes – Get By Remix (Remix)
* 8.Scarface Feat. 50 Cent & Lloyd Banks – In Cold Blood (Remix)
* 9.Beanie Sigel & Freeway – Philly Niggas
* 10.50 Cent – Y’all Not Ready
* 11.Kanye West Feat. Murphy Lee – Drop Dead Gorgeous
* 12.Shyne – When I Die
* 13.K-Oss, Kanye West & Mickey Flow of Cash Money – Digital Thugz
* 14.Ludacris & Twista – Poppin’ Tags (Remix)
* 15.Twista – Badonkadonk
* 16.Kanye West – Half Price
* 17.Lil’ Kim – Heartbreaker
* 18.Kanye West & Consequence – 2003 Electric Relaxation
* 19.Kanye West, Consequence & John Legend – Out The Game/GLC Talking
* 20.GLC – GLC The Knockout King
* 21.Nocturnal – Muzik
* 22.Freeway – Turn Out The Lights
* 23.Freeway Feat. Tarrey Torae – Hear The Song
* 24.Blueprint Compilation
* 25.Jay-Z Feat. Kanye West – Girls, Girls, Girls (Remix)
* 26.Kanye West – Bonnie & Clyde Freestyle
* 27.Eminem Feat. Madd Rapper – Stir Crazy
* 28.Mase Feat. Big Pun – Deja Vu (Remix)
* 29.Olskool Ice Gre Feat. Kanye West – Brigade Level Formation
* 30.Snoop Dogg & Mr. Cheeks – Get By (Re-Remix)
* 31.Kanye West – Through The Wire

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  1. Shenita Hathcock Says:
    November 17th, 2010 at 12:11 am

    you can always say that Kanye West is a good singer but he will never be as good as michael jackson “’

  2. Aaron Says:
    September 15th, 2011 at 1:51 pm

    I like this site and have absolutely saved it. I will expect to learn in additional information on my vacation

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