I’m Back – T.I.

So T.I.’s back and it seems he has been listening to Nicki Minaj while he was locked up. What is up with the different changes in voice? Have to say though, the title is a bit cliche. Happy that T.I. returned. Will Luda’s spot for the last couple weeks be over taken like its 2003 again? Only time will tell.

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One Response to “I’m Back – T.I.”

  1. S. Mat Says:
    March 10th, 2010 at 11:19 am

    Terribly disappointing track. However, T.I. has built up enough goodwill to warrant a do over. I expect ‘Paper Trail’ T.I., not every trash southern rapper T.I. And, since you brought up LUDA, what the hell is up with those wack ass singles. Someone just told me that ‘Go Low’ just sold 1 million singles on ITUNES. Now I know why.

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