This Plane – Wiz Khalifa [video]

Deal or No Deal is still available on itunes. Wiz might turn some heads like DJ Skee and go from a major bust to an independent success. He’s gotten tips from Curren$y so its possible. Check out DJ Skee’s guest blog. Khalifa man might be moving in the completely other direction. You decide but in the mean time don’t miss this plane.

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Do Wrong – Freddie Gibbs feat Pill

Gibbs and Pill get together to drop another gem on them. Its amazing the talent that is coming out of Atlanta right now. I wonder will that all cease when T.I. comes to collect his tribute. Where ever the chips may lay Atlanta’s having a good run. Oh yea Gibbs is better than good but you already knew that. (His mixtape is posted on the sidebar download it!) Seen over at Nahright

Download Do Wrong

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