Throwback Thursday – Can-I-Bus

Before the beef with Eminem, before the army but after dissing L.L., Can-I-Bus was THAT NIGGA. He was a lyrical monster and with Wyclef he gained notoriety. If Canibus could have just taken ‘Clef’s beats for singles then bodied other things he could have been a staple in hip hop. Dude couldn’t shut his mouth spawning the beef with L.L. Cool J. Many hip hop heads thought “The Ripper Strikes Back” was a career finisher (Beanie Sigel “I’ll rock your bells like L. I ain’t canibus nigga”) but 2nd round K.O. should have been Uncle L’s Ether. No matter what Jay-z came out with, even if he sonned Nas by being his boss, Ether will forever be that record that bodied Jay-z. 2nd round K.O. bodied L.L. Cool J so much that every point uttered had a rebuttal on “The Ripper Strikes Back”. If “The Ripper Strikes Back” was such a powerful diss record why did L.L. dedicate 2 tracks and countless lines in G.O.A.T. to tarnishing Can-I-Bus? Shouldn’t the effort from a bigger name on a deadlier track been enough? Exactly. Download the track at the link and see the bonus after the jump.

Download 2nd Round K.O.

See this song was decent and Can-I-bus made the beat respectable. He could have went with this. I couldn’t help myself I gotta another bonus just cause I love my Dukies!

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