PMD Featurette Fridays: 1 Day

As I slowly come back I will share more things here that I’m into on the site. Call it an online view into my psyche. The cold has most of us on shut in status today so I think I’ll start dropping some features. Here’s a dope movie fresh out the UK called “1 Day”. A grime rap influenced film based around 2 gangs in Birmingham, England. Peep the synopsis below my Dukes.

1 Day is a high octane caper through a day in the life of an inner city hustler. The film follows Flash whose day gets steadily worse when he finds out he suddenly has to repay a debt to his big head, Angel, and he has to find the money fast. As more and more people get on his case and the clock starts ticking, Flash is pursued by everyone from a rival gang, the police, three irate babymothers and his granny.

Entirely street cast film, the film was shot on location in Birmingham. It features original hip hop and grime tracks – as well as gospel, reggae and spirituals -making it the first ever British hip hop film. While Flash gets robbed, harassed and shot at, the film explores life for many young men in the Afro-Caribbean community which originated the urban music at its heart.

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