Untitled (Radio Rip) – Talib Kweli
Feat. Jay Electronica, J.Cole & Mos Def

Monster Combination

This track is dope for rizzeal. Even though I’m still on the fence with Electronica he comes off on this track with no doubt. Talib created something really special with this track right here. As for Mos Def he kinda let me down with his verse when he’s more than capable to ether the beat. Still a press repeat in iTunes track nonetheless. As for my homie Jazelle, I…TOLD…YOU…SO!

J.Cole > Jay Electronica > Talib > Mos Def (Verses in order of ill on this track in my opinion)

Download “Untitled (Radio Rip)” – Talib Kweli Feat. Jay Electronica, J.Cole & Mos Def

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Santa ZEPS in Oslo Norway

I promised myself that I wouldn’t post too much until the New Year but my dude ZEPS pulled my arm. My dude has taken some time from the U.S. to spend in Oslo Norway & Sweden. Now I have a reason to hop on that plane next year. In this video ZEPS decides to spread love the Brooklyn way giving out his CD The Sheepshead Bay files. Enjoy!

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“Delayed” Mixtape Sampler – Omen

Photo by Chaunna Henry

Photo by Chaunna Henry

It’s finally here, well sort of my Dukes. My dude Omen has been in the lab working on his masterpiece for quite some time. Forever the perfectionist, he has decided to push back the full project titled Afraid of Heights coming March 2010. In the meantime my Dukes feast on the sampler (my play on words is genius lol). Be sure to also look out for our new visual version of our “Get To Know Series” coming in January featuring Omen. Track listing after the jump. Oh, and this is a Pardon Me Duke World Premiere!

Via Dopartacademy

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Mighta Missed Monday – Young L edition


So I was charged as a region racist and I plead guilty. I will try to reform myself so here are some steps in the right direction. Hit me at Hymn@pardonmeduke.com with suggestions for next week.

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MVP Puppets

Whats not to like about this? Lupe, LeBron, Kobe, Santa, lil Dez and the Reigndeer. Lupe getting that HP money now that Nike money. F-N-F up. Free Chilly.

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Lets Do it – Rick Ross

I like that boy Ricky. Its not a guilty pleasure cause I don’t care who knows. Well I guess it would be a guilty pleasure in the G-Unit office but 50 cent and his band of Silverback Guerilla’s won’t answer my e-mails. Shouts to Mr. Ross and so what… “I’ll shovel shit, I’ll C O/ So we can bow our heads and pray over the meatloaf.”

Download the freestyle

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24kt Karate School – Mos Def

Mos Def. Two Words should have been enough so just click the download link and make GOAT proud of your decision.

Download 24 Hour Karate School


Exhibit F – Nickelus F

Drake’s boy, former associate or whatever you wanna call him adds his 2 cents to Just’s masterpeice. I like the beat but don’t get why everyone jumped on Jay Electronica. I’d take Exhibit F over Exhibit C anyday.

Download Exhibit F

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Throwback Thursday Nas is Like – Nas

I don’t know what high school was like in the 90′s but I do know what “Nas is Like”! Admittingly I couldn’t relate to illmatic,couldn’t read “it was written” and could give to shit on what “I am…” but this was my joint. I knew about Primo’s beats before I knew who a Gangstarr was. Shouts to Guru. After Nas is Like I was a different human being. I stole my fathers movado, wore timbs and oversized jeans and knew I was hard. Long Island is a world away from Queensbridge but you couldn’t tell me I couldn’t rep. What thoughts did this joint envoke in you?

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Talk 2 em – Skewby

Skewby shoots something for Proving You Wrong Since ’88. If you still haven’t you can visit Skewby’s blog and download the mixtape.

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