Clipse Live @ The Hiro Ballroom

Here’s footage of the Clipse tearing down the house at the Hiro Ballroom, performing some of their classic songs. Shout out to Jasmine Solano, Donnis and Pill for the early warm up. Me and Goat enjoyed the show really shows people how much good music these dudes have.

Pusha T:

Prepaid rappers, with no minutes, the real niggas limit, they mimic, they H.O.V lane it, they don’t pin it , the difference is the Blue Magic ain’t in it…”

“To he to claims to be the heir, how dare Pusha nay say it/them niggas hear me and they may day it/ so I could care less if Jay say it/ its too too political when Jay say it/ he play’ the game, just instant replay it. The Best Duo Ever, I hang man these words together…”

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