Keyel Vol 1

KEYEL is a hip hop group hailing from Cleveland, Ohio, consisting of emcee’s Prose, Holy Moly, Pease, and DJ ESO.

While the emcees have been childhood friends for many years, the collective that is now known as KEYEL was born from a mutual love of raw hip hop and appreciation of similar influences. The crew met DJ ESO while wyling out at a Slum Village show- and the beginning of a musical experience had begun.

They follow in the path of Hip-Hop’s greats such as Slum Village, J-Dilla, Common, and Blackstar. With innovative production, thought provoking lyrics, and fresh sense of style, KEYEL is guaranteed to get heads nodding all across the world

Shouts to MOG on the discovery.

Download KEYEL VOL 1.

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Emilio Rojas Freestyle

Emilio gets in it the studio for 4 plus minutes minus the pauses. Yes fuck me. Mr. Rojas starts “rapping for real” at the 1:14 mark. Be patient or fast forward but the rhymes are hot. The Natural is coming mid-october. And that’s how you build the buzz bitch!