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So I’m back at it and I’ve been pondering when am I gonna drop a new re:VERSal. I have to thank iTunes 9 for the help out on the random. I remember when Bullet Proof Wallets came out. It was about a month after The Blueprint and I was in full only Jigga music mode. My homie Vaughn and Thardy (He was always late for class too) were talking about this album was way better and yadda. So after several rounds of hate and slander from my side we cracked a backwood and listened to the album. I was impressed by the effort and I dug this album more than Supreme Clientele (Many Stans have threatened my life for such statements) but one song stuck out. This track was so creative from GFK. Not only did he take characters from my childhood but he made them gangsters, prostitutes and drug peddlers. It was perfect and I would play this over and over. Probably my favorite track from Tony. If you don’t like it we can knuckle up.


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“The Forest” – Ghostface Killah

I see buds that are green, red roses two,
I see the blunts, for me and you
And I say to myself, what a wonderful world..

[Chorus - Ghostface Killah and Raekwon]
It’s the illest little story for all the girls and boys
Wonderland you should see it, ch-yo
Animated actors that become ya toys
Once you see it, don’t believe, ch-yo

Verse 1
[Ghostface Killah]
Aiyo, my wiz play the flute, I stroll through the forest like
Peace, pussies, trees, hello, how was your day? Have you seen the prince?
Haven’t seen him since he pushed Humpty Da-Dumpty fell off the fence
The smurfs fell out laughin’, Heckle toe Jeckle at min,
They took my medicade card, he’s a good friend
Bugs still sniffin’, Daffy Duck snitchin’
And heard that crazy Bird took the stand on the Simpsons
Bet you “my golly, oh glory” with a story to tell
Droopy got knocked, now he Muslim in jail
His name is Abdrul, Colorful, Snow White tattoo
She used to send him mad flicks in Cash Rule
And the cat too, old girl who’s clackin’ her shoes
And that wicked witch broke her broom, clappin’ at school
It happens every night, I seen it, shoot outs in Jellystone Park
Kermit had the whip, he did from the Narks
They bagged Woody, Shaggy shot dead in his hoodie
Tweety did the Bird, “I thaw, I thought I thaw a putty”
Ghost, please you don’t even want to know
Droopy Long wrote a song, like to hear it, here it go…
Ricochet Rabbit had a habit, he was savage
Bruto slapped, Magoo too slapped out his glasses backwards
Magilla used to come to class wit rachets
He was known in the hood, plus good for his classics
Slashes, blast four-fifths, diamond cut, hollow point tips
Big Boy bustin’ out his corderoy fix
Eleven, way beyond is little boy fit
Magoo, he gon’ catch him at the teachers’ conference
So later that week durin’ open school night
Everybody there, saw open school fight
Blows is big, Olive Oil was pissed
The wolf was too, they murdered one of the pigs
He said, “What great big heat you have”
He replied, “Fuck my gun I’ll eat you fast”
He said, “What great big teeth you have”
“Mothafu- you better look at all the beef you have”


Verse 2
[Ghostface Killah]
After that though, Jerry, Tom’s the cat, Ruther Rats
Riff rat, courageous cat, Jossie and the Pussycats
Porky Pig ripped shag, Elmer Fudd’s double snub cartoon gat
Had sat in the back of the Hat, the hippos had O’s
Wilma had fucked Johnny Bravo
Richie had his shit snatched then yapped at a live show
That bitch dollar boated yo, Astro screamed on Dino
That’s what he gets for ass-betting Snoopy C-low
Goofy had kilos, big hole in his nose, wind blows
Heard he was Moe, and showed how he rolled
Peter Pan’s the man, he heard Grammy was blood-ed
She shot Ms. Piggy, she’s superior on her set
Pippy Long Stocking had it poppin’
Her and Barney had an army out in pink house, the shit was rockin’
Guess who got rich and bounced? Scrooge McDuck, he had an ounce
Ain’t no money out in CandyLand, we out…

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  1. Mindy Marin Says:
    March 7th, 2011 at 9:59 pm

    One of my favorite Ghostface songs.

    I love the visual. You guys are talented!

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