PMD Album Review: Only Built 4 Cuban Linx II

So the internet is going crazy for the second installment of The Purple Tape. Raekwon’s 4th album is a sequel to his first and is being hailed as progression! After 14 years he decides to release OB4CL II with a plethora of features. I didn’t grow up on The Purple Tape so I wasn’t impressed by OB4CL II. It was tales of cocaine and hood life over slow-paced beats. While that was great in 1995 this is 2009. I’m not a Wu enthusiast and this review will give you the other side of the coin. We don’t need to bring hip hop back we need to move it forward.

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Going Green 2: 808s & Smoke Breaks – Ashy L Bowz

GGHiRez copy

Digitally smoke with your boy my Dukes. Here’s the new installment to Ashy L Bowz mixtape series titled Going Green 2: 808s & Smoke Breaks. Track list and link after the jump.

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