PMD Album Review: The Blueprint 3

The Blueprint 3: Jay-Z

The Blueprint 3: Jay-Z

It’s been quite sometime since a review for an album here on PMD. as a matter of fact it’s been a while since I’ve posted. my heart has been affected by tre (put accent) stagnation of the game. There’s been “progression” over the past few months, but in my opinion we could be much further ahead.

Fast forward to present day. It’s Tuesday and as I ride in this cab to the office, I decided it’s time to write this review. The third installment of Jay-Z’s Blueprint series has had several different feelings. At first it was the excitement of sitting at the Allido Records studio with peoples hearing “D.O.A.” for the first time. That excitement and energy was reminiscent of the days I’d run to the radio late night for that freestyle or when you’d be the only one on school with an album a few days early because you went to Beatstreet (R.I.P.) the Friday before the release. The excitement disappeared when some of the leaks didn’t live up to that feeling. Well, the album’s here and I listened to it more than enough to give a fair and thorough assessment. Let go into BP3, people.

“What We Talking About” – The intro to an album is always important to the listener. The MGMT chorus is welcoming, but this isn’t one of my favorite Hov intro’s. In my opinion, his best is a toss up between the preludes on Kingdom Come and The Dynasty. It’s a good listen, but will not live up to replay value.

“Thank You” – I really enjoy the bravado and slick wordplay on this one. Not impressed by the production value. This is a Hov album, right?

“DOA” – I still get the ugly face every time I hear this track. Producer No I.D. set the blueprint (pun intended) for this track. The attack on the bullshit we’ve been eating for the past few months had to take backseat to this declaration. Goosebump factor increases with the power of the sound system.

“Run This Town” – I’ve had a love / hate relationship with this track since the leak, though after each listen I like it more. Tough track regardless, but we all know ‘Ye runs this track. Jay’s second verse is dope; first was a throwaway.

Empire State of Mind – when I heard the title of this track I wanted a different energy from it. depending on the day I can play it or skip it. good track all in all.

“As Real As It Gets” – Jeezy never disappoints on a track (well except when he was Lil’ J, Thuggin Under The Influence), and Hov bodied this record. One of my favorite tracks. My anticipation grows more for Young Jeezys album after hearing this record.

“On to the Next One” – Filler record, some good lines but I could care less. Jeep music, not headphone tone.

“Off That” – Timbaland delivers and the beat is in rare form. Honestly though, I’m tired of being told what’s super cool and what’s out of style. Timbs will be copped in the coming weeks – still on that. Sidenote: Drake is pictured wearing some Timbs very, very recently. Someone find that picture for me.

“A Star Is Born” – I knew about this record for so long. Couldn’t tell you how much I wanted to tweet and talk about it. Jay jogged on this record, but Cole blazed it. What a set up, clap for him!

“Venus vs. Mars” – This is the Hov I’m looking for when he collabs with Timothy. So many dope lines in this one. I know they won’t, but I’d like a video for this one. They took my freak Cassie off the track though, what part of the game is that?

“Already Home” – Now I’m not a fan of the Cudi kid, but I figured he’d try to put his bet foot forward on a record with the king. Hook is subpar; bars are there though.

“Haters” – I don’t like this track. Kanye and Jay sound like they were just fucking around and were like, “hey its not half bad.“ Yea, it is.

“Reminder” – Besides the annoying ass hook, this track is dope.

“So Ambitious” – Pharrell can’t seem to make a beat that doesn’t sound like this. It’s almost like they’re trying to channel the energy from “Allure”, but failed. Hook is duck sauce; I’m tired of Skateboard P.

“Forever Young” – Song is cool, but it sounds like a forced farewell song of some sort. I wont be playing this in the near future.

While this may not be Jay-Z’s best record (or top three even), as a whole, it stands a decent album. Stacked up against the latter, it will be played more than other music I have purchased and downloaded. Once I trim the fat I will enjoy it more. I’ll rate this as a purchase to complete the series. And for the record its not the weakest BP, Part 2 was. I paid full price then and I have once again. Over time we may grow closer or further apart. For now I decided to cop, my dude gotta get his publishing! Ha!

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