Who Would You ____? (Interlude) – Hiroller


In my hiatus I always keep my ear to my headphones and eyes on the net. On saturday I celebrated the pre-release of The Premonition. This is the new mixtape from my dude Brooklyn’s own, Hiroller. I already heard it and it’s dope. Definitely a fresh air from the redundancy all over the web. You can check out the full mixtape titled The Premonition dropping tomorrow on PMD and all over the WWW. In the meantime enjoy this skit from the mix. After the jump there’s a few words from Ro’ .

What’s Up Goat, Trose, & Fresh (PMD)

Thanks for coming to the studio and participating in the creating process of my mixtape. I used the audio of us bugging out all over the tape. This piece of audio right hear turned into a skit on the mixtape. I wanted to add to it so I layered “Trying Girls Out” by The Persuaders under it. I think it came out real dope. Thanks again i appreciate it, ya’ll are family.

Disclaimer: no bloggers, rappers girlfriends, or pop stars were hurt during the recording of the skit (lol)


Download “Who Would You ____? (Interlude)” – Hiroller

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